Be like a Roomba

On using action to figure out what to do next

Every now and then, the path forward is crystal clear.

But, more often it’s not clear what our next step is supposed to be.

All we know is that where we are is not where we’re supposed to be.

In situations like that, try to be like a Roomba.

When you don’t know what to do next, try as many things as possible and listen closely to how your gut responds.

Finding the path of peak fullness is often one of guess and check. The key is having (1) the courage to try, experiment, and fail, and (2) the stillness through the experimentation to be able to hear the soft inner voice as it whispers its truth.

Most importantly, keep moving.

Action creates information.

You’ll never figure it out standing still.

Zig and zag.
Bump into things.
Run in circles for a while.

Take notes and enjoy the ride.

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