Celebrate today

On appreciating the wonder we’re a part of

Last Wednesday a friend and I went to dinner at one of the higher end restaurants in town.

As we sat down our server asked us if we were there celebrating any sort of special occasion. 

Smiling I replied, “No special occasion, we’re just celebrating that it’s Wednesday!”

It came out of me without a thought. The deep truth of that statement about the value of the present moment caught me by surprise.

As much as I try to foster that way of being, I continue to find it only in fleeting moments. 

Our server lit up with a smile too as she exclaimed, “Well, okay!”

It was a spontaneous self-reminder of just how crazy this whole thing we call life is — even in its simplest moments. 

I should live with that mentality all the time.

Everyday should be a celebration. This world, this life we somehow have, and the opportunities we’ve been granted without reason or merit is a miracle.

We should aim to carry into each moment a deep appreciation for the wonder we’re a part of.

As Rob Bell often says, “In our house we only eat on the fine china, as a reminder of the gift that each day truly is.” 

The only way to live forever, is to live now.

Celebrate today. It’s all we have. 

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