Freedom to learn

expecting greatness
leaving little room for growth
we long to run
but crawling must come first

beginning is terrifying
forcing us to be
naked in front of ourselves

it’s never about anyone else
and always about us
we fear our potential the most
trembling with the reality that we’ll
probably let ourselves down. 

all this is a vapor, empty of truth
evolution is what our hearts crave,
regardless of where we’re evolving to

starting is the hardest
pressing, our chests crack
revealing our hopes and longings
that have been buried for far too long

whispers rising
swelling like the tide
we’re overcome with a cocktail
of regret, of promise

because we know what we’re made of
but we haven’t quite found it yet

dig, dig, dig
fingernails filled with dirt
as we excavate our hearts

we are diamonds
you can see it in our eyes
windows to the soul
windows to unrealized hope

grow, grow, grow
scare yourself
bare your soul
pain and struggle are the doorways
to ourselves

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