Make money while you sleep

On the power of decoupling our time from our income

Making more money won’t give you freedom.

Especially if the money you earn is from a traditional day job.

Making more money from a job typically comes with a massively heavy backpack full of things like emails, phone calls, responsibility, meetings, business trips, long hours, ect — oh, and most importantly, mandatory attendance.

When you make a large amount of money as an employee, the 9-5 life is nothing more than a distant memory as bit-by-bit the business consumes more and more of your life.

And that’s why they pay you more.

The money is nothing more than novocain for the entrapment.

And you know what, it works. Really well.

But only for a while.

More money is cool, right up until it’s not.

Because it’s in the moment our eyes finally open to the reality that we’ve sold off the vast majority of our lives for some stack of fiat currency that we realize something profound:

Time isn’t scalable. It’s finite.

Which means selling off more and more of our time for more and more money is a dead end street.

Of course, selling off our time for more income isn’t always a bad thing. But only up to a point.

If we’re truly searching for liberation, we have to create ways to decouple our time from our income.

We need to figure out ways to make money while we sleep.

When our income isn’t limited by our time, something amazing happens: our ability to generate income becomes infinitely scalable.

After years trying to increase my income by way of selling my time, I’ve had enough.

Like a said before, I don’t want another raise. I don’t wan’t another consulting job. I don’t want to sell another hour of my life to anyone.

I’m done trying to make money from my time. I want to make money from my ideas, projects, products — which can constantly work for me, even when I’m not.

I want to make money while I sleep. So I can spend my life, my time, focused on things and people who truly matter to me.

This is exactly what your employer is doing — only problem is they’re using you to do it.

It’s time we choose ourselves.
Choose our ideas.
Choose our dreams.

Because as soon as we let our dreams work for us, we get to stop working for someone else’s.

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