Solve problems worth solving

On creating products that matter

The value of a product is determined by two factors:

  1. The value of the problem it aims to unlock
  2. The amount of that value the product unlocks for users
Product Value Matrix

To create a product that matters, seek first to identify and understand a high-value problem (ie. a problem worth solving).

A high-value product (HV) fully unlocks a high-value problem.

Conversely, a low-value product (LV) falls into one of three buckets:

  1. Partially unlocks a low-value problem
  2. Fully unlocks a low-value problem
  3. Partially unlocks a high-value problem

The ability to fully unlock a problem is a function of two factors:

  1. Depth of understanding of a problem
  2. Ability to design and craft a solution

Resist the temptation to fixate on solutions.

Complete solutions are the result of complete understanding.

Focus on understanding the problem.

Do that, and solutions will inevitably come into focus.

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