Success: An alternate definition

On identifying our unique recipe for living that maximizes fulfillment

Success is living one’s life in as close alignment with one’s essential nature as possible. 

Success isn’t comparable because we each possess a unique set of talents, backgrounds, and impulses that, in combination, form a disposition for a specific rythym and daily life. 

For each of us there is a unique recipe for living that maximizes our joy and fulfillment. 

Our primary pursuit in life is to discover what this recipe is for ourselves and those around us. Then trying to live life in alignment with that recipe as much as possible. 

For some that means solitude. For others it means socializing. For some that means building a business. For others it means serving the less fortunate. For some it means playing sports. For others it means penning a poem. 

The combinations are limitless. But for each of us, these ingredients can be, and often are, very very specific. 

The best way to uncover what they are is by guess and check:

Live and try and do as much as possible and ask yourself at every step, Did this experience increase or decrease my sense of fullness?

Be an anthropologist and study your own self and life.

You’ll be surprised to discover the ingredients that add up to a full life are far more simple and far less exotic or out of reach than you think. 

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