What’s your life aesthetic?

On designing each facet of our lives with intention

I’ve found myself using the phrase “life(style) aesthetic” lately to capture my desire to have everything in my life be aesthetically congruent.

For example, just yesterday, my wife and I were talking about Corgi dogs. They’re super funny and great dogs, but I told my wife I could never own one because they don’t match our life aesthetic (the way our ragdoll and snowshoe siamese cats do).

For me, the idea of a life aesthetic isn’t just about things we own or wear, but includes the things we do, the things we make, the work we do, the way and where we travel, were we live (both in terms of city and house), and how we furnish our lives.

Every piece of our life passes through this (mostly unconscious) filter, as we attempt to design each facet of our lives with intention.

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