Why political systems disintegrate

On why societies fail when they leave too many people behind

An observation about politics:

Societies fail when they leave too many people behind.

A political system cannot sustain itself if it’s organized in such a way that a large portion of the electorate is not provided an opportunity for upward mobility and basic needs (like safety, healthcare, housing, food, shelter, employment at a living wage, etc.).

A political system cannot survive if a large portion of the population becomes socially or economically disenfranchised.

The large portion of the population will ultimately push back against such a system. To the point where it ultimately erodes from within and collapses.

We’ve witnessed this with systems all around the world throughout the ages.

Our country is no different. 

The same is true for belief systems. A worldview that leaves a large portion of humanity disenfranchised, rejected, or disempowered, will not stand the test of time.

Time will ultimately erode those belief systems as well. 

We need to move towards political and philosophical perspectives that are broad, wide, and loving enough to integrate and celebrate the vast diversity of humanity that we share this planet with.

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