Do work you’ve never done before

On learning to embrace and seek discomfort

It’s so easy to doze off in life.
So easy to be comfortable.
So easy to resign.
So easy to fall into the routine.

So easy to settle.

We are not designed to live rinse-and-repeat lives. We were created to learn, grow, explore, try, and fail.

Growth is uncomfortable because it requires us to step out of what we know and into what we don’t. Which means all that we are supposed to be lies waiting in all the work we’ve never done before.

All the things we’ve yet to create,
All the conversations we’ve yet to have,
All the things we’ve yet to try, and
All the failures in-between.

Life is really good at drawing lines around us. It’s really good at telling us to not make any waves and to stay safely inside.

But the real, true, and vibrant life we were designed to live begins where all those lines end.

The degree to which we color outside the lines is what defines us. And it’s only when we find the courage to step beyond them and draw new ones of our own that we can ever begin to discover who we truly are.

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