I’m a binge creator

On the ebbs and flows of making things

Unlike others who create consistently day after day, I create in sporadic, heavily concentrated doses.

I can go days, weeks, months without creating anything. Then in a matter of a night, a few days, or weeks, a concept will materialize in my mind and I’ll lose myself and all sense of time and fervently work to bring that idea into being. 

In other words, I binge. 

All that down time in between binge sessions isn’t actually empty of creativity, though.

My mind never turns off.

It’s always processing whatever problems it’s identified as needing to be solved.

Like a computer working to crack a code, my mind’s subconscious is incessantly trying to crack the code of a problem. It often takes a long time to crack it, but the moment it does the solution comes raging into my conscious mind.

Solutions are ephemeral, you can only see them for a moment.

And it takes everything I’ve got to write it, design it, make it — before that clarity evaporates back into the ether. 

And so, in the background my mind incessantly processes, which periodically produces solutions that rush to the surface.

I  then go on a creative binge to document the insight as best and fast as I can while it’s still clear in my mind. 

If you hesitate, put it off, or ignore insight, you’ll lose it.

Insight’s looking for willing conduits.

Brush it aside and it’ll seek another host.

And so, when it comes, I give my full self to the cause. 

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