Study your discontent

On using discontent to improve wellbeing

Spending time trying to understand the root causes of my discontent has been the single most helpful method for improving my overall wellbeing.

I’m an obsessive problem solver. Being obsessive about understanding my unhappiness has been a huge factor in me becoming a better-functioning and more fulfilled adult.

My areas of weakness (ex. not living in the moment), get transformed into positive mantras and affirmations that I speak into my life daily to encourage myself to reverse course (ex. pull your joy forward, be here now, live now).

So much of my creative work, be it photography, poetry, music, writing, focuses on the areas I struggle with the most. I write about them precisely because I don’t have them figured out and I crave them. So I dive deeply into trying to understand, put language to, and integrate them.

In short, I create from that place of discontent and attempt to craft what I need to grow beyond it.

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