The best products are made in relationship

On the importance of making things in community

The best products are made in relationship. 

In order to build great things, you have to know the people you work with well, truly enjoy one another’s company, and appreciate one another’s talents. 

Great products are extremely difficult to achieve.

They can only be built on strong relational foundations.

Without that relational capital, excellent communication (which only comes through intimate familiarity with each other’s communication styles), and deep sense of camaraderie and trust in each other’s talents, you don’t stand a chance. 

This is why companies who treat personnel interchangeably or don’t take relationship- or team-fostering seriously, fail. 

Products are built by people. And people function at their best in close-knit community. 

So if you’re in leadership, focus on community and the products will take care of themselves. 

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